Telling the Truth about Islam

If…. if, we are to believe that the attack on the Pulse Club in Orlando was an attack on the LGBT community, then we must boldly proclaim:

  • The attack on Boston was an attack on runners
  • The attack on Paris was an attack on lovers of entertainment venues
  • The attack in San Bernardino was an attack on a holiday party
  • The attack at the Nazareth Grill was against people who like dining experiences
  • The attack at Brussels was an attack against those who need to travel commercially

A root cause analysis must be applied.  All of the above were “fruit” of the “root”. The root motivation was the commands of Allah against unbelievers. Allah has a broad umbrella. And we all fit under it.

If… if, you are incapable of applying the test of the reasonable man, then do the following:

Plug your hobby or occupation into the sentence below:

I suffered a terror attack because I am a   (fill in the blank).

There, there. You feel better now. You will know why you were attacked in advance of the attack.

Now plug in the word “child” and make it personal:

“My child suffered a terror attack because they are a child.”

LtCol Kato Martinez lost a wife in Brussels. He is left with four children with horrific burns.  Ahh, yes. The sin is childhood.

The attacks were on unbelievers, Western targets, those who believe that our civilization serves us well.

These are attacks against human liberty.

I have said for many months, “We don’t have time.  We don’t have time to reform Islam.”

How much time do you have? For the Americans at the Pulse Club, their time is up.

Our world ends, when our life ends. Of that I am sure.






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