Entering the mind of Muslim spree killers: Combat Ribbons II

In the Western military tradition the theater of operation creates the folklore.
Islam is different.
In the Islamic tradition the folklore creates the battlespace.
There is no greater psychological lethality than that attached to the folklore of Islamic combat ribbons.
Do you know this name and do you know the nature of his service medal?
Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas.
The man received his service medal for beating a polytheist to death. His act is the first recorded instance of bloodshed in the name of Islam. (Ibn Hisham 1/263)
The concept of polytheism finds ample play in the Qur’an. Here is one  reference:
“There proclaim openly that which you are commanded (Monotheism), and turn away from Al-Mushrikun (polytheists) Qur’an 15:94
Killing polytheists can also be noted in the folklore of Nakhlah, where one “polytheist” was killed and two were captured.  This incident, changed the patterns of caravan trade forever when Muhammad declared there was no longer a “safe time zone” for safe travel. (Qur’an 2:217)
Polytheism is the word used by the common man. Scholars will make reference to “Trinitarians”  when speaking against Christians. Al-Qaeda loves the coin “Cross Worshippers”.  Islam takes a direct stab against Christianity by declaring “Far be it from Allah to have begotten a son….”  Essentially, associating partners with Allah is an act of unbelief.   Across the globe today, Christians  are seeing their blood spilled by those wearing this particular combat ribbon.
Let me pull a statement from a Chechen web portal posted on the day after Christmas, 2009. This level of animosity against my faith was amplified on jihad portals during the years in which I spent time as a passive observer of the same:
“Today in the Caucuses Emirate many functioning churches and temples, and no one kills the priests working in them….”
We maintain “control”  against ideological virulence like what is expressed above by seeking to minimize attacks and lengthen the time frame between attacks.  This model failed between Nov. 13th of last year and June 12th of this year. In this time span  Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels and Orlando sustained hellacious attacks and unacceptable loss of innocent life.
But what we do not understand about Islam, will eventually kill us.  Islam stays her hand against total eradication until in a position of strategic strength.  We have not seen a “total strength” Islam waged against the West yet, but the day could come. The Battle of Taif, and its failure, solidified the Muslim concept of striking from a position of strength, and Qura’nically speaking  ayat also bear the concept out.  Zad-al-Ma’ad states, “It is a must to eradicate all aspects of polytheism once the believers are powerful enough to invalidate them.”
Opening up the concept of polytheism further is the Arabic word Taghut. The Arabic root for this one is  t gh w (ta ghain waw). It means to disobey, taghut: disobeying one, hence an instrument to disobey Allah, like idol worship. This word can deploy a wide range of meanings, but it reduces down to anything worshipped except Allah. This list includes Jesus, who in the Christian tradition is the Son of God. The concept of Taghut brings in the enforcement arm of Islam.   It is possible this concept had play in the choice of attacking the Bataclan music venue, and also the thwarted attempt to kill individuals at the Stade de France during the same evening (2015, Nov. 13).
The concept of hypocrites also has strong play within Islamic folklore.  A man named Abdullah Ibn Ubai was the Chief of Medina and worked fervently against Muhammad. He was the antagonist in the story of Aisha’s necklace.  This attempt to topple Muhammad by staining his wife’s reputation allowed for the revelation of Qur’an 24:11 with the follow through  ayat. The ayat passage was revealed after about a month of silence when Gabriel did not speak after Aisha was accused of adultery. Please also note, the requirement of four witnesses to bring an accusation of adultery was an acquittal of Aisha’s actions.  (Zad-al-Ma’ad)
A complete Surah of the Qur’an is dedicated to hypocrites.  Al-Munafiqun is dedicated to this topic.  Look at 63:8.  The quote is attributed to Abdullah Ibn Ubai.
They say, “If we return to al-Madina, the more honored (for power) will surely expel there from the more humble.” And to Allah belongs (all) honor, and to His Messenger, and to the believers, but the hypocrites do not know.”
Combat Ribbon Categories:
The Polytheist Combat Ribbon:  Issued to those who enter the battlespace to commit acts of violence against those who associate partners with Allah. This would include Christians and Hindu populations, and smaller tribal groups which worship multiple deities.
The Taghut Combat Ribbon:  Issued to those who kill to enforce obedience to Allah’s will.
The Hypocrite Combat Ribbon:  The Qur’an devotes a lot of space to the topic of hypocrites. In Qur’anic speak, a hypocrite is not just someone who does not live up to what he says are his own convictions. A hypocrite is anyone who pretends to be a Muslim in the hope of gaining power, information, or strategic advantage.
Of course there is a combat ribbon for killing a Jew.  But we will save that for another day.


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