Anti-Trump Protests

Let them march, let them pass.

While  aggregates in the thousands protest against democratic rule, the vast majority of us continue our lives.

U.S. Census

According to the population clock on the upper left, U.S. population is a healthy 324  million souls. The “bump” about every second is undoubtedly related to live births – the newly minted Americans announcing their arrival in healthcare facilities across the U.S. The  world population clock is at a trot. Babies are being born under bushes, in refugee camps and delivered by midwives.

But in this land, a place called Blessed, democracy has brought us many benefits. One such benefit is a history of a peaceful transition of power. This tradition can be assailed but not overthrown.

So to all who rage, rage against the dying of their political light I have just one remark.

Can the rest of us just enjoy breakfast and head to work? That is what I did after Mr. Obama ascended to the presidency twice.  Voted against him. Did not protest in public afer his election.

I am an American.



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