Be an Honest Muslim

Be a Muslim.  But be an honest Muslim.

Discuss the actions of your oracle and discuss them with honesty.

The Oracle of Allah:

Took his adopted son’s wife into his bed and justified it with Quranic ayat.

Covered for rumors of his favorite wife’s adulterous escapade with Quranic ayat.

Had a poetess hunted down and put to death for mocking him.

Held deep hatred for Jews after they rejected his message of prophethood.

Burned out eyes.

Crushed skulls.

Instituted Hudud penalties of extreme cruelty like the cutting off of hands and crucifixion (Hadd punishments are the rights of Allah over man).

“Married” a prisoner of war who was the widow of one of his enemies.

Death penalty for those who left Islam. (Three days isolation and then beating to death.)

The shadow of a man emerges in strong manner in the writings of Islamic scholars across the centuries. His character is defined.

Yet in Islamic elementary schools in America children have English textbooks which teach them to sleep on the right side and with the right hand under the cheek. I have read these textbooks.

Sleeping like the Oracle of Allah

A man has been raised to such a cult-like status that children are told they are not sleeping in a pure state if they are stomach sleepers. (The Last English Prince has always preferred sleeping on her left side in a fetal position with one toe sticking out from under the cover as a convenient thermometer.)

Change begins with honesty.   Change does not begin with whitewash.

I want Muslims to be honest regarding this man who called himself “the praised one”.

I have been accused of observing and condemning.

Some actions – such as the ones noted above – deserve the total condemnation of the humane.

I want that honest conversation with Muslims.

But we are not allowed to have it.  We are too polite.

I would rather hurt your feelings and bring you to the truth than to be polite as you cling to a lie. I would rather call you out than coddle you. Truth is a disinfectant.

The Last English Prince does not hate Muslims.  I have Muslim friends.

But they are dishonest regarding whom they choose to worship.

Change begins with honest discussion.

We cannot have it.  After over a decade of intimate friendship with Muslims I have yet to be offered the opportunity for an honest discussion.


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