One word change: and political shift of responsibility

Assimilation.   An immigrant has the responsibility to assimilate into the host nation.

Integration:  The native born is tasked with responsibility for the immigrant’s lack of assimilation.

Islam is devoid of a doctrine of assimilation. The ideological platform has broad planks relating to conquest of host nations.   This core doctrine is borne out in Qura’nic stories and Seerah of the oracle of Allah.

The doctrine of The Last English Prince?

It is the responsibility of the immigrant to assimilate. It has been this way for over two centuries now.  Immigrants flooded to our shores. They assimilated because they knew they had to do so to survive.  In the process, their generations learned to love America.

The onus is not primarily on the immigrant to accomplish the aforementioned when the word is substituted.  The word “assimilation” has value. We are replacing it with a word which corrupts the edges of the minimal requirement and responsibility of the immigrant.

With this subtle movement toward the use of the word “integrate” instead of “assimilate” a crooked finger of scorn can be pointed against the West.

The terror suspect who just stabbed nine people at a St. Cloud mall?  He came here as a young child.  Yet the story will now be of the hand-wringing variety. The collective “We” did not do enough for the child or his family.  He is a product of our neglect and/or callous disregard. Nope. Doubtful.

Ample community outreaches and opportunities are already available for immigrants.  The majority of immigrants do successfully assimilate into American society.  But the percentages are most likely dismally lower for Muslim immigrants. They don’t assimilate because they cannot walk away from illogical tenets of Islamic governance.

If it is true – if the rumor is true that the five males suspected of being part of a terror cell which unleashed hell on Chelsea, N.Y. are from the same family, it gives credence to the thoughts of Donald Trump. Family deportation.  Apples do not fall far from the tree.  And at the end of the day, assimilation is distinctly a family project, not one of national burden. Dad and Mom? You are responsible. You must instill love of America in your progeny.

Bring your family here from elsewhere?  Want to put the roots of your generations deep into our soil?  Then love us. Love our people. Teach your children to do the same.  These are the identical words which I delivered to a loyalist of Osama bin Ladin in 2005.  The man lived in Chicago. He was married to a native-born American woman. He  raised his children here. He had a grandchild on the way.  And still – he hated America. He died hating America.  And his body is buried on U.S. soil.

He did not assimilate. He poisoned his wife against her nation. The hatred he instilled in his family? His responsibility. Not mine.

The demand is a strong one.  Assimilate.






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