The F.B.I. and the Garland Terror Attack: Troubling Questions which Merit Rigorous Review

The Last English Prince was there along with CNN, Fox News, Daily Beast and many other representatives of the press corps.

Author K.M. Lessing was there

Amil Imani was in attendance

Jews and Gentiles mingled.  And let’s not forget about the young red-headed little girl who was also inside the Curtis Culwell Center the night of the attack.

What we did not know was that an F.B.I. agent was also present.  He was present in the vehicle immediately behind the terrorists when they came out of their car with guns blazing.

This was the same agent who incited Mr. Simpson to “Tear up Texas”.  The same agent who took a grainy image of a Garland Police Officer and Security Guard who faced down the gunfire when the doors of the vehicle opened and the terrorists brought their gun powder to life.

I note incitement and not entrapment in his actions.  Entrapment would have provided the men with disabled weapons and non-lethal ammunition.  These men came to kill. And they had the weapons to do it.

Did the F.B.I. want a “let it play” scenario.  Let it play… see how the dumb Garland police and Irving SWAT members perform with an authentic live fire attack? As the bodies are receiving an autopsy, the F.B.I. is debriefing with their own forensic autopsy?

Would an allowable body count have included this headline?

“Three Police Officers, Five Adults and One Young Girl Killed in Garland, Texas Terror Attack.”

Could my image in this video have been the last glimpse of me in living state?

Of course, after the headline about the massacre, the citizens of America would have been relieved to read this:

“The F.B.I. is on the scene….”

Ahhh, yes.  They were already on the scene. Like flies on a steaming pile of caca.

But what about the young red-headed girl?  Was she also expendable?


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2 thoughts on “The F.B.I. and the Garland Terror Attack: Troubling Questions which Merit Rigorous Review”

  1. Damning of the FBI during the Obama years, a time which did as much as possible to disallow any “disrespect” of Islam. The Obama FBI would have loved to see Robert and Pamela disappear. Bosch, too.

    If I’m not mistaken, the feds didn’t give a damn about protecting Pamela after the Garland attack.


  2. My perspective and narrative will be inaccurate on some level because I am not privy to all facts. But what kind of a sadist follows two men who have expressed a desire to commit a Charlie Hebdo in Garland to the very perimeter of their target and does not intervene to save lives? And there is a difference between monitoring chatter and issuing what is an imperative command to “Tear up Texas”. That man, took an oath just like me – to defend and protect. I find his behavior unforgivable. Many Americans could have been killed that evening. Many of us could have faced no different a fate than the carnage at San Bernardino a few months later.


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